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Keep customers from getting discouraged with personalized messages

Get more visitors to sign-up so they can receive relevant updates that match their search criteria.

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Who: Online platform for renters and landlords

Finding a place to live can be quite a challenge in some areas due to high demand and not enough supply. Keeping that in mind, this marketplace didn’t want its users to get discouraged early on in the process. Their goal was to get more visitors to sign-up so they could receive relevant updates when there were new rooms or apartments available in their city of interest. With Unless, they were able to add a single feature component that works for 300 cities and shows different, relevant content each time!

The experience was set in such a way that when a visitor has been searching for rooms in a specific city, at some point they see one of our components. The component itself, an overlay, is personalized to match the city that the visitor is interested in. The headline contains the name of that city, the background image is of that city AND there are even statistics attached informing the visitor of how many apartments are added each month in that particular city.

This is followed by a call to action to create an account so that the visitor can get notified when new rooms or apartments are added in their city of interest. This allows them not only to remain up to date but also to act fast and get ahead of the competition in applying for that accommodation.

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The number of experiences (and thus tests) is unlimited, as well as the number of variations in an A/B/n test.

We have bars, pop-ups, side-boxes, popovers, inline, and multi-step components. If you have an idea for a component, contact us! You can also build your own using our component framework and API, or request custom components.

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