Towards a conversational UI

In our quest to humanize user interfaces, we evolved from a personalization engine towards a full-blown AI feature delivery platform. And there is more to come.

Our promise to you

Conversational UI

Leveraging the power of Large Language Models, we will turn your existing websites and dashboards into an AI-powered dialogue.

Open-source, composable components.
We understand the importance of transparency, extensibility, and portability. All our UI components are open-source as a result.
No-code deployments.
Our platform powers handholding for onboarding, activation, support or commercial funnels. The people who care most about this are often non-technical. So, deployment must possible without code.
Battle-hardened privacy protection.
We are a post-GDPR company, with the importance of privacy in mind. Our architecture is carefully designed to cater to this.
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A short history

We have been methodically building our platform in the past few years, culminating in the conversational AI platform it is today.


In 2020, we released a UI component library with private user profiles that connect to third-party systems through our integrations. We enrolled in OpenAI's beta program.


In 2021, we doubled down on CRM integrations. We improved audience segmentation and A/B testing. Our components were much improved due to feedback of some big customers.


Due to heightened demand, we expedited the launch of our open-source component framework, enabling developers to create their own custom components. We became fully cookieless.

And then there was 2023

In early 2023, we connected the dots by adding LLMs to orchestrate a unified conversation with each user. Suddenly, every Unless component became conversation-aware.