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About us

Leapfrog into the era of AI

Our AI feature delivery platform unites enterprise-grade features with compliance, security and privacy measures.

“UNLESS was able to launch a service that is helpful to businesses all over the world and gives them a scalable solution with an almost infinite peak capacity”

Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon

Our mission

The need for AI feature delivery

The potential of generative AI to revolutionize business is enormous, and its models are now widely available. However, its supporting ecosystem lacks maturity. Compliance, privacy, and security are rapidly becoming significant barriers to AI feature implementation. As a result, regulatory-heavy industries tend to resort to slow and expensive custom development.

To make such industries quickly adopt AI at scale, the burden of change needs to be considerably less. Therefore, we built an AI feature delivery platform that integrates enterprise features with compliance and has a near-instant implementation effort.

The company is backed by River Venture Partners, Block Party, Rockstart and several angel investors. Its management currently consists of Marcel Panse as chief technology officer, and Sander Nagtegaal as chief executive officer.


Funded by real people

As "", we joined Rockstart's Web and Mobile program pre-launch in 2016. We raised pre-seed funding in 2017 with help from friends and family, and again in 2019 after our full launch as UNLESS.

River Venture Partners Rockstart BlockParty

Meet our advisory board

A group of seasoned professionals providing invaluable guidance and a fresh external perspective on management and operations. Their experience and varied backgrounds have been crucial in shaping our company's journey.

  • Sabine van Velsen

    Ex-Google sales leader

  • Christina Caljé

    Former Goldman Sachs Executive Director

  • Herman Kienhuis

    Tech investor

  • Daniel Scheijen

    CMO Pastbook

  • Dave Dirks

    Tech investor

  • Maurice Beckand Verwee

    Tech investor