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Data and privacy

Find out how we deal with privacy when you visit our website or when you and your users interact with our platform.

Legal considerations for this website

Find out how we deal with privacy when you visit our website or use our applications as a visitor, how we deal with cookies in our system, and who we are.

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For customers of our platform

Read our terms and conditions, find the Data Processing Addendum, a security addendum, and some tips about whether you need a DPIA or not.

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Platform data

We publish which data we store, where, why , and for how long. See this area for all data points.

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Data and privacy summary

As a quick introduction, here are the key concepts that we handle when dealing with privacy.

Cookieless by default.
By default, our system doesn't use cookies. However, for a consistent user dialogue, audience segmentation, personalization, and A/B testing, cookies may be required. In that case, connection to your consent mechanism is possible to obtain necessary consent.
Separation of personal data and system data.
By default, Unless does not store Personally Identifiable Data. However, customers may connect third-party systems or use our profile API to insert PII. This type of data we store in Europe only, in a protected profile storage facility.
Specific AI privacy protection.
We make sure that the AI engines (be it GPT or other ones) will not have access to PII. We achieve this by leveraging protected profile storage and advanced message filtering.
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