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Building blocks

Ready-to-go AI components

Compose and customize your virtual expert by combining training sources and conversation channels, and benefit from the best AI models.

AI models

Depending on regulatory aspects and technological performance, we apply the following models as services within the European Union.


OpenAI technology was used to create GPT, the well-known language model.


Meta created these open-source, fine-tuned models that are ideal for dialogue use cases.


Anthropic's Claude is a foundation model for thoughtful dialogue, content creation, complex reasoning, creativity, and coding, based on Constitutional AI and harmlessness training.


Cohere develops Command, a text generation model that can generate text-based responses optimized for business use cases based on prompts.


Amazon Titan is a foundation model for text generation and classification, question answering, and information extraction and a text embeddings model for personalization and search.


Jurassic from AI21 Labs is an instruction-following foundation model for any language task, including question answering, summarization, text generation, and more.

AI personas

Give your AI specific personality and make it more human.


Make your UI informative to your users by answering their questions.


Add some sales flair to your responses.


Help your users with their support questions.

Frequently asked questions

You can think of templates as base component ideas that are ready to use right away. You can simply change the text, images, CTAs, and more. They are entirely customizable, configurable, and can be added anywhere in your product.

You can think of AI personas as the preferred personality for your AI. The character of the agent defines how the AI will answer. For example, if you need the AI to respond in a commercial way, choose sales.

Data sources are external information systems that either import or export data. They come in several categories, like training material for your AI, CRM integrations to connect to user profiles, and much more. The list also contains data destinations like Analytics.

Your AI needs training documentation to know everything about your product or website. Then, the combination of a template and an agent can be combined into a component in your product’s UI. The configuration of such a component may contain references to user profiles and audiences. Together, these elements make up for your conversational UI component.

We have icons, buttons, bars, pop-ups, side-boxes, popovers, inline, and multi-step components. If you have an idea for a component, contact us!

Yes! You can extend any template or compose your own in a low-code framework using open-source display types, layouts, and functional elements. Alternatively, you can also request custom components from our team.

When I heard about the conversational UI components of UNLESS, I knew we had to use it at Peecho. Combine that with AI plugins that can help customers decide on and place orders, it’s an absolute game changer for our sales and customer support teams!

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Eric Kickert
CEO, Peecho

Yes you can!

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