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Introduce users to different features with in-product explainer videos

Show quick introductory videos within your product to familiarize users with all the different features available to them.

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Onboarding is critical to a good product experience as it sets the foundation for user engagement, retention, and satisfaction. When users first interact with a new software product, they often have a limited understanding of how to use it effectively.

While we already had email sequences and help center articles, we wanted to bring this information into the product as well. We decided to record super short introductory videos for each section of our product so that users could get familiarized with and learn the basics of each feature.

Pop-up with an introductory video about goals

Once the videos were ready, we used an existing Unless template, a pop-up with a video, text, and CTA button, to create our experiences. Instead of setting the audience to new users only, we opted to show them to everyone once so that it could also serve as a refresher for existing customers.

Pop-up with an introductory video about components

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Overlay components render on top of your web page and include bars, pop-ups, popovers, side-boxes, and such. Inline components on the other hand are elements that can be placed directly within a page, without breaking the experience.

[In this article]( "Cookieless experiences"), it is explained how to enable cookie consent and how to turn on cookieless experiences.

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