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Integrate existing customer data from your ESP or CRM

Learn how to connect customer information stored in your ESP or CRM to Unless to segment your users and optimize their experience.

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Using one of our integrations, you can import your contacts such as leads, users, and customers to Unless, allowing you to display unique content to each one of these individuals.

How does that work? Each imported contact gets assigned a unique identifier which can be used to identify each contact the moment they land on the page and display content that is unique to them.

The benefit of using an integration, rather than a CSV import is the continuous syncing which keeps your data up to date in your ESP/CRM as well as in Unless.

When importing contacts, you can also sync additional data points such as their industry, job title, subscription, product interest, loyalty card number, and so on. These are called "custom traits" and can be used when segmenting your visitors into audiences and creating experiences for them.

Note: Depending on your tool of choice, you might need to make a request to the Unless team to set up the custom traits for you.

Importing users

Setting up an integration to import users is easy. Keep in mind that the terms used may differ per integration however the overall steps to follow are similar.

Simply select the integration you want and click "Configure". You will then see a pop-up where you can head to "Settings" and select "Connect".


After which, you'll have to "Authorize" the connection. Your existing customer data from an ESP or CRM is now connected to Unless.


Next, you can use these data points to create Audiences, inject dynamic content into your Experiences, and so much more. Below is an example of how custom traits from your ESP or CRM might appear in the Audience builder.


If you'd like to make a change to an existing connection, that is also possible. You'll follow the same steps by selecting Configure, Settings, and then Manage.

Managing an integration that is already connected

Frequently asked questions

Yes! We integrate with many ESPs and CRMs. You can find the list [here]( If you need a different integration, you can always contact us.

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