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Identified visitor data

Using the integrations of Unless, it is possible to add custom traits to an identified visitor.

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A customer may opt to use Unless for identified visitors as well. A visitor can be identified using one of our components with email capture, an integration with a CRM or ESP, or the Unless Javascript API. The profile information can then be used to segment visitors and provide them with relevant experiences.

Data points

Custom traits are data points that the customer already knows about their users and is provided by the customer to Unless. For example, this can include information about leads and their companies or existing customers and their purchase history.

They can be handled by Unless and are stored exclusively in a single database in Europe, Ireland. They are then available to be used for audience segmentation.

Identify API and email add-ons

The Identify API accepts an email address as a key to identify a visitor. Email capturing add-ons (for example newsletter lead generation popups) use the Identify API under the hood.

Custom traits

Customers may choose to add their own traits to identified visitors, for example from an integration with their CRM system. Below is a screenshot with an example of what such traits could include in the case of Hubspot.

Custom traits from Hubspot

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