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Page visit data

For the purpose of audience segmentation and machine learning, Unless collects public data on each page visit.

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Whenever a website visitor views a web page that is operated by one of our customers, Unless collects a set of data for the purpose of "audience segmentation". All data is commonly available in any web request or derived from it. It therefore does not contain elements that may identify an individual directly.

Data points

The following data is handled by Unless, and stored in our European data warehouse cluster or available for segmentation - or both.

Data point Stored Available for segmentation
Domain Yes Yes
Event name Yes Yes
Landing page Yes Yes
Referer Yes Yes
Returning visitor Yes Yes
Path Yes Yes
Browser Yes Yes
Browser language Yes Yes
Isdesktop Yes Yes
Ismobile Yes Yes
Istablet Yes Yes
Os Yes Yes
Viewsize Yes Yes
City Yes Yes
Countrycode Yes Yes
Countryname Yes Yes
Currency Yes Yes
Hemisphere Yes No
Latitude Yes No
Longitude Yes No
Regioncode Yes Yes
Regionname Yes No
Timezone Yes No
Traderegion Yes Yes
Zipcode Yes Yes
Hash Yes Yes
Querystring parameter Yes Yes
Utm_Campaign Yes Yes
Utm_Content Yes Yes
Utm_Medium Yes Yes
Utm_Source Yes Yes
Utm_Term Yes Yes
Duration Yes Yes
Number of pageviews Yes Yes
Date Yes Yes
Day Yes No
Day of week Yes Yes
Hour Yes No
Minute Yes No
Month Yes No
Time Yes Yes
Time of day Yes No
Time of year Yes No
Year Yes No
Apparent temperature Yes No
Cloudcover Yes No
Dewpoint Yes No
Humidity Yes No
Icon Yes No
Ozone Yes No
Precip intensity Yes No
Precip probability Yes No
Pressure Yes Yes
Summary Yes Yes
Temperature Yes No
Time Yes No
Units Yes No
Uv index Yes No
Visibility Yes No
Wind bearing Yes No
Wind gust Yes Yes
Wind speed Yes Yes
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